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THE “BEFORE AND AFTER” In the graphs and illustrations, you can see the “before” and “after” of using or not using Pranan technology when a person is subjected to electromagnetic radiation (e.g. talking on a mobile phone, Wi-Fi, ...). To do so, we have chosen a number of graphs and illustrations from the research studies carried out by various Research Centres and Universities. This visual method helps the reader to understand the effect of these devices more clearly.


Hereunder, we highlight two of the eleven indicators analysed in the Biochemical Study carried out at the University of Granada Centre for Biochemical Research and affected by electromagnetic pollution. The red graph marks the levels of oxidative stress in a person subjected to electromagnetic pollution without Pranan protectors, while the blue graph shows the same person after 30 days’ protection with Pranan devices.



The illustration below is taken from the BIOELECTRIC STUDY performed at the Complutense University of Madrid School of Medicine, which concludes that the effect of this technology is of such magnitude, neurofunctional coherence and significant difference to the vast majority of areas of the brain that its effectiveness as a means of modifying certain cerebral oscillations due to electromagnetic fields is clearly justified.

Horizontal coronal and mid-sagittal views showing significant differences.



The BIOELECTROGRAPHIC STUDY performed with Dr K. Korotkov’s GDV-EPC bioelectrography, a technology developed at the State University of Saint Petersburg (Russia), concludes that when using mobile telephones, terminals with Pranan technology protect the human energy field and meridian system and go beyond protection to actually improving the person’s energy balance.

Figure 1 shows how a person’s energy field is weakened when talking on a mobile phone without Qbit protectors (Pranan technology). Figure 2 illustrates how that same person’s energy field is recovered when using a mobile phone with Qbit devices.



La eficacia de la tecnología PRANAN ha sido testada con tecnología de Microscopía de Campo Oscuro. Este ensayo, evidencia unas importantes mejoras en todas las personas que están sometidas a la contaminación electromagnética (5G, 4G, wifi, antenas de telefonía,…) y utilizan los dispositivos Pranan. In all cases, an improvement was observed in the red blood cells, cell membrane, endocrine function and hormonal system. These were particularly significant when analysing the blood of persons who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

La imagen 1, es la muestra de sangre del sujeto A cuando está expuesto a la radiación 5G y 4G SIN los dispositivos PRANAN. La imagen 2, es la muestra del mismo sujeto expuesto a la radiación 5G y 4G, pero ahora CON los dispositivos PRANAN.

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