Milestones and Key dates

Below are some of the most relevant milestones that have marked the history of Pranan Technologies since it was first established.

Pranan Technologies

Established in February 2011 whose main activity is the research and development of technologies aimed at improving people’s well-being. Pioneers in the application of nanotechnology in the protection of non-ionizing radiation emitted by mobile phones, telephone antennas, computers, etc.

Focused on energy efficiency, respect for the environment and the responsible consumption of raw materials. Our devices are built with nanoparticles of minerals and metals. They do not consume electricity, are of unlimited duration and do not pollute.



Clinical trial

Conducting of the first biochemical trial at an internationally-approved research centre.

The efficacy of Pranan technology is endorsed by the Biomedical Centre (CTS -101 Intercellular Communication Research Group) of Universidad de Granada. The trial is coordinated and directed by the Chair of Physiology Germaine Escames.

The clinical trial concludes that said technology provides excellent direct protection to persons against damage caused by EMF (cell phones, Wi-Fi and cell phone towers) without giving rise to any harmful side effects, thus bringing about an improvement in the physiological condition of the subjects.



Clinical trial

Conducting of a bioelectrical trial at the Faculty of Medicine at Universidad Complutense in Spain.

Tomás Ortiz Alonso, Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology, coordinates a bioelectric study. The study concludes that the Pranan technology is so effective and has such a high level of neurofunctional coherence that its efficacy as an effective shield against EMF is fully justified.

Subsequently, tests are also conducted using GDV-EPC bioelectrography (with technology developed by the University of St. Petersburg) and bioresonance, ratifying the effective protection provided by the Pranan devices against EMF.

Presentation of these clinical trials at a scientific congress organised by the College of Physicians of Navarre, Spain.



For an invention

Patenting of the technological innovation for protection from radiation.

Patenting of the technology developed by Pranan Technologies for protection against electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phone towers, wireless networks (Wi-Fi, wireless, Bluetooth), cell phones, computers, smart meters, etc. with Patent Number P201100705.

International Patent Classification: H01Q 17/00 (2006.01) A6 1/16 (2006.01). International Patent: PCT/ES2012/000172.

The same year, Pranan Technologies is awarded the “Sello Moderna” by the Regional Government of Navarre, granting the company direct access to the European Investment Bank line of finance for innovative projects.




Pranan Technologies participates in a European consortium on nanoparticle research.

Pranan Technologies forms part of an international research consortium along with fifteen other companies and technologies (which include Aviospace, GmbH, Aerospace&Adavance, Astirum and Lurederra) from seven European countries.

The objective of the T-JECT (Horizon 2020-NMP-PILOTOS-2014) project was to develop functional electronic devices manufactured with new nanoparticle inks.



European Union

Accreditation that Pranan devices comply with the EU Directives.

Pranan Technologies achieves an unprecedented milestone by being the only EMF shielding technology certified to the EU Directives (Directive 1999/5/EC and European Directive 2001/95/CE), thus guaranteeing compliance with all the safety and health requirements for it to be marketed.

In addition, the Pranan devices are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard audited and certified by Tüv Rheinland.

That same year, Pranan Technologies is awarded the Innovative Enterprise Seal by the Directorate General for Innovation and Competition (Spanish Ministry of Finance and Competition).



Peer review publication

Constituting a new endorsement of efficacy in EMF shielding.

A milestone in scientific publishing about a technology for shielding against EMF. Acceptance by the scientific journal “European Journal of Integrative Medicine” was possible after several months of analysis, study and peer review.

Subsequently, the efficacy of the Pranan technology was published in various scientific journals such as the “International Journal of Advanced Complementary and Traditional Medicine” and the US “Nutrition and Integrative medicine”, among other.




Constituting a new endorsement of efficacy in EMF shielding.

Culmination of an R&D project that was started three years earlier in conjunction with the Technological Centre for R&D in Electronics and Telecommunications at the Public University of Navarre.

Thanks to this project, the Pranan devices were incorporated into a system called NEFERTITYS (Near Field Authentication System) that allows users to verify their authenticity.




Validated by the Ministry for Science and Innovation (CDTI) of the Government of Spain.

The CDTI approves an innovative Project for harvesting environmental energy called “RF Harvesting”. It consists of developing a new system for measuring EMF emitted by the environmental for personal use.

This system developed by Pranan together with several technological centres functions only by harvesting energy Is supplied by the EM radiation that it must measure. In other words, it has no batteries or any other power source.



Clinical trial

Demonstrating the efficacy of Pranan devices against 5G.

Conducting of a clinical trial through microscopy and blood analysis to verify the efficacy of the Pranan devices as effective 5G blockers.

The trial demonstrates evidence of important improvements in all the persons who use the Pranan devices when they are exposed to 5G radiation, and significant improvements when the persons suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity.



Binaural technology

Balancing frequencies for the body by means of an App.

Pranan Technologies has decoded and programmed harmonic and body-balancing frequencies that generate stimuli through binaural and monoaural beats.

The frequencies to be applied are selected on an App.

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