User Testimonials

These are some of the many testimonials sent to us by the people who use our Pranan devices.

The Pranan device helps me lead a normal life and improve my tolerance to electromagnetic fields. I noticed the benefits from the first moment I used the Pranan device. At first, I thought it was just another device, but to my surprise, I felt much better.

― Nadia G.B., Person suffering from electrosensitivity

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I suffer from severe fibromyalgia. From the first day I tried Phiwaves, the vertigo, nausea and malaise vanished. My life has changed drastically from being operative only four hours a day, as I spent the rest of the time in bed. Now I lead a normal life, I sleep five hours and I have more energy that I did when I was a child. I am absolutely fascinated because it has taken away my migraines, vertigo, nausea, chronic fatigue and overall bone pain. I am amazed when I think that this tiny device has allowed me to fully recover my life.

― From Granada. Woman suffering from electrosensitivity

For eighteen months I have suffered from terrible headaches, tinnitus and a sensitive mouth. Ten minutes after putting on the (Pranan) device, the headache, jaw pain and tinnitus stopped. I am eternally grateful for the normal life I lead now. I strongly recommended it to people. I thought this was impossible, as there are so many adverts about so many things that you can never be sure whether they will work or not. But I can safely say that it is effective. It has given me back my life.

― From Gran Canarias. Woman suffering from electrohypersensitivity

The sensations I have had with the (Pranan) device are that things are improving. During the first two days, I had to adapt and from the third day, I felt it was working very well. Especially when going to bed, as I have been able to get to sleep and rest more, and also when using my cell phone and laptop.

― From Cádiz. Man suffering from electrohypersensitivity

My experience with the Pranan device: I feel very pleased because before I got it, I used to feel awful, I felt a lot of electricity in my body. In fact, I considered moving to another area with fewer cell phone towers. After purchasing the (Pranan) device two months ago, I no longer notice the electricity. I’m really happy and I don’t even think about cell phone towers. I have to keep the device close to me as otherwise, I feel the electricity. I also sleep more soundly, which is wonderful.

― From Gran Canarias. Woman suffering from electrohypersensitivity

What I noticed most is that I sleep better, it’s really amazing. I have a cell phone tower nearby, and it was bothering me, I couldn’t get to sleep. Now I sleep much more soundly. In the morning I wake up rested and with more energy. I’ve noticed that I have less “brain fog”, greater mental clarity, and in cognitive terms I feel more awake. I have really noticed all this. I’m very pleased, I wear the pendant (Phiwaves 5G jewel) wherever I go.

― From Logroño. Sensitive young girl.

I must say that I feel very happy. I feel protected and I no longer feel tired. It has been a truly positive experience.

― From Galicia. Woman

My experience with the Pranan devices: I was suffering from headaches and insomnia, and a ringing in my ears, like tinnitus. When some cell phone towers were installed on my street, near the hospital, I noticed that I felt ill, due to the enormous exposure in that area. I felt so poorly that I thought I was suffering from heat stroke. As soon as I put on the Pranan device, I felt much better. At home, I noticed a tremendous improvement and greater stability. I no longer had headaches and I slept for more hours. Now I feel much better. It certainly works. At first, I had my doubts, but now I strongly recommend it. I wear the device wherever I go and my headaches and fatigue have disappeared, and I sleep more soundly.

― From Tenerife. Ruth.

WARNING. The Pranan EMF blocking devices should not be used to diagnose, prevent or cure diseases.

Every day I am exposed to EMF at home and at work with Wi-Fi networks, computers, and phones. Since I have started using the Pranan devices, I have noticed I have less brain fog. I sleep better and I feel less anxious. I also feel less tired when I use the computer.

– María Luisa, A Coruña. Spain.

I have always tried to steer clear of EMF, but nowadays, it’s impossible. Before using Phiwaves I would sometimes feel dizzy or lose my balance for a few seconds, but now I don’t. I also noticed a slight buzzing in my head from time to time and that, too has disappeared.

– Oksana, Huesca. Spain.

For about five years I’ve been suffering from insomnia and chronic tinnitus. Since I started using Phiwaves, I have noticed a very important change in my insomnia. I get up after sleeping soundly with the feeling that I am completely rested. The tinnitus and congestion have practically disappeared.

– Antonio, Ciudad Real. Spain.

I am continuously exposed to EMF from the Wi-Fi tower, 5G, etc. and all this has caused me thyroid gland inflammation, eye pressure, fatigue and headaches. Since I started using the Pranan devices, my thyroid balance has improved and the eye pressure and headaches have disappeared. I also feel more energetic.

– Sofía, (electrosensitive). Vitoria. Spain.

My life has changed drastically. I had a problem as I have to take care of my parents and there is a large cell phone tower in front of their house. I was unable to sleep, I felt dizzy and my ears were ringing. It was virtually impossible for me to be there. Since I have been wearing the device, my life has totally changed. Now I don’t notice the radiation emitted by the towers and I can lead a normal life. It’s wonderful and I strongly recommend it to everyone. Thank you Thank you

– Rocío, Barcelona. Spain.

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