Pranan Technology

About our Technology

Pranan Technology is primarily based on developing methods and systems aimed to identify and decode electromagnetic radiations potentially harmful to human health.

To understand operation of processes used in Pranan devices first it must be accepted that living beings are biochemical and bioelectrical structures. So, each living cell behaves as an electrical dipole due to the difference in electrical potential of the cells membrane (ranging between -10 and -100 Mv).

The physiological body, made of atoms, molecules and cells is also composed of a plasma biofield made of positively and negatively ionized particles.

Electromagnetic waves surrounding the enviroment, which for centuries have been part of the planet ecosystems balance, have been dramatically increased along the last hundred years by the emission of low (non-ionizing) medium rolex replica watches and high frequency waves issued from manmade technologies that have not generally considered that necessary balance for human welfare on Earth.

Pranan Technologies sets a new vision to overcome and transform the environmental changes caused by the overload of non-ionizing and over-ionizing electromagnetic waves.

In the human body, the above referred changes can alter the correct functions of the nervous system and can therefore influence the energy field and biological efficiency of the organism.

The characteristic sympoms of these disorders manifest in fatigue, apathy, insomnia, psychological and psychic blockages and so on.

Passive Converters

Pranan Technology uses passive converters systems, which act compensating disturbances generated by electromagnetic waves caused by non-ionizing radiation emitted from external sources, transforming the negative effects they produce at biological levels, in a counterbalanced way.

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The device uses a technology that interacts with non-ionizing radiation sources without modifying it, inducing in a secondary way the re-emission of ultra weak electromagnetic waves, which transform the influence of non-ionizing radiation neutralizing the harmful effects they produce, enabling the return of the cells to an energy equilibrium position.

Pranan device acts re-emitting ultra weak electromagnetic signals that are recognized by the cells in our body. The body cells react externally to these signals perceiving them as own specific "commands" of communication and interaction of their vital functions.

The device re-emits "Ultra Weak Fields" causing "interference information" that enables mutual interaction, facilitating communication of compensated synchronic signals that restore cellular functions communicated by small electrical impulses.

Pranan Technology makes it possible to counterbalance radiation produced by mobile phones making it compatible with people using this technology, allowing the body to eliminate the effects caused by these disturbances, restoring the biological natural rhythms and regulation values.