PHIWAVES 5G Graphene

PHIWAVES 5G graphene



A state-of-the-art device manufactured with graphene and laser technology, improving its performance and protection range. All we have to do is carry it with us. It protects us from the electromagnetic radiation we come into contact with through wireless networks, computers, mobile masts, radars, 5G, etc. If we are exposed to electromagnetic contamination at night (wireless networks, etc.), we place the PHIWAVES Graphene underneath the pillow or as close to us as possible. Compatible with other devices.


  • It protects us from the electromagnetic radiation given off from wireless networks (Wi-Fi,...), computers, microwaves, electricity lines, mobile masts, radars, satellites, scanners, 5G, etc.
    It protects us from electromagnetic contamination when we travel on airplanes, trains, electric cars, etc.
  • It also protects us from disruptions that occur through shifts in the earth's electromagnetic field.
  • Unlimited service life, as long as the internal structure is not damaged.
  • They are passive transducers and do not filter or store radiation.
  • Does not require any maintenance.
  • Incorporates GRAPHENE and LASER TECHNOLOGY, making it particularly effective in protection from radiation.

All we have to do is carry it with us. If there is electromagnetic contamination (Wi-Fi, electricity lines, etc.) in the bedroom where we sleep, it is advisable to place the device under the pillow. It also significantly improves the effects of any relax device that is being used at night.

PHIWAVES 5G Graphene does not act as a replacement for the Phione; instead, the two devices are complementary. Considering that we use the mobile when it is placed extremely close to our hearing system and, therefore, to all of our brain sensors. To protect ourselves from the radiation emitted, the protective device it must be attached to the mobile phone. Meanwhile, the Phione does not act as a replacement for PHIWAVES Graphene, given that its operating range is more limited. In other words, for proper and preventive control of electromagnetic radiation, we recommend carrying both devices.

The PHIWAVES 5G Graphene works better the closer it is to the body. The pockets of trousers, shirt, jacket, etc., are the ideal spot. We can also carry it in our wallets and bags.

It is advisable not to place it in covers, bags or wallets made of natural leather, as this material acts like a radiation shield and decreases the performance of the device.

If the PHIWAVES 5G Graphene device has accidentally been exposed to water for a period of time (washing machine, swimming pool, etc.), the device will continue to work properly (so long as its original structure is kept intact).

  • Operating range: 47.24 in approx.
  • Dimensions: 2.2 x 1.42 x 0.2 in.
  • Weight: 0.066 lbs. approx.
  • Service life: Continues to work if kept in perfect condition.

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