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Pranan Technologies has developed NEFERTITYS – Near Field Authenticatiion System – a new anti-piracy system that guarantees the authenticity of the Pranan devices.

All Pranan devices have a built-in system that enables users to check their authenticity with their cell phone. Just put your phone near the Nefertitys system at the back of the device and a certificate of authenticity will appear which you can register by clicking the green button. Your device will then be registered and the certificate will assign it a unique alphanumeric code.

You can read the certificate as often as you want and using any cell phone you like.

However, to generate the certificate you should first activate the NFC (see adjustments/connections section) and after checking you have Internet, put the unblocked phone close to it.

When checking the Phione, the device adhered to the back of the cell phone, the certificate may be automatically activated repeatedly, which may be annoying when you handle the cell phone. To deactivate it, there are two options. The first is to disable the NFC, i.e., it must be on off. The second is to place the device near the base of the phone. This will allow you to activate the NFC without activating the certificate.

Remember that registering and checking the authenticity is a voluntary operation that you can perform with your device, and it does not the operation of the device. In other words, you can use it without generating the certificate.

See Nefertitis video

NOTE. If you have an Iphone, you can only activate the Nefertitys certificate if it is a an Iphone 11 or a later version. Apple first incorporated its NFC in that model.

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