Los Campos Electromagnéticos

Living beings have been subjected to natural magnetic influences for millions of years. In fact, the Earth is surrounded by a magnetic field that changes its intensity when solar storms occur. These magnetic influences have probably had and still have an influence on various biological functions of the organism. Furthermore, they used to form a balance with the planet’s eco-systems. However, in recent decades, technological developments have led to a proliferation of sources that emit artificial electromagnetic radiation, which results in a new type of pollution.


Nowadays, we are living in an electromagnetically-polluted environment, surrounded by electrical appliances, computers, cordless telephones, telephone antennas, mobiles, Wi-Fi waves, radars, etc.

This situation has caused certain concern in society. That is why many scientists and international organisations warn about the biological effects that those emissions may have on people. EU authorities have therefore urged Member States to apply the principle of precaution until science can determine whether there exists any risk to health.

Here you can see a scientific paper by Dr. Dario Acuña Castroviejo (Professor of Physiology at the University of Granada and co-editor of the Journal of Pineal Research, the leading international scientific journal in the field of melatonin), in which he explains what electromagnetic fields are and how we are affected by electromagnetic pollution in our daily routines. Conference given to the Pamplona College of Physicians in 2012 (cycle of scientific talks organised by Pranan Technologies).

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