How does electromagnetic pollution affect us?

We provide below a detailed explanation of the ins and outs of electromagnetic pollution.

For millions of years, living organisms have been exposed to natural magnetic effects. In fact, the planet is surrounded by a magnetic field that changes in intensity when solar storms occur. These magnetic effects have probably had and continue to have effects on different biological functions of the body.

They also created a balance with the planet’s ecosystem. However, in recent decades, technological progress has brought about an increase in sources that emit artificial electromagnetic radiation, giving rise to a new type of pollution.

Today, we live in an environment with this type of non-ionising radiation, amidst household appliances, computers, Wi-Fi telephones, telephone towers, cell phones, Wi-Fi waves, radars, etc.

External alterations interfere with the energy expression of our bodies. As time passes, these alterations lead to a gradual imbalance that can seriously alter the bioelectric sensors of the human body. These alterations generate stress fields that alter the functioning of the nervous system and thus affect the energy balance and biological performance of the body.

Characteristic symptoms of these disorders are initially observed in states of fatigue, stress, apathy, insomnia, mental blocks, attention deficits, headaches, depression, anxiety and other disorders that can eventually be transformed into immunological alterations, such as the generation of free radicals in the blood and countless pathologies.

This situation has given rise to a certain degree of concern in society. For this reason, many scientists and International organisations are warning of the biological effects that these emissions can have on people. As a result, EU authorities have advised EU Member States to apply the precautionary principle and scientists and organisations have issued alerts about their potentially harmful biological effects on human health in the long and medium term.

Scientific Paper

Paper by Darío Acuña, Chair of Physiology, on the effect of electromagnetic fields on the human body and associated pathologies. Conference organised by Pranan Technologies at the Medical Association of Navarre.

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