Frequency Generator System

Binaural regeneration beats

Binaural regeneration beats on your cell phone.

Pranan Technologies offers you regeneration beats that you can install on your cell phone. They are designed to promote your well-being by eliminating “cellular noise” caused by electromagnetic pollution in our bodies.

You only need to install the Pranan Frequency Generator APP and then apply them to the body for a few minutes, through auditory sessions (headphones). The App is only currently available for mobiles that use the Android operating system (it will soon be available for IOs too).

To find the App in Play Store search for the word “Pranan”.

*This is the iconthat identifiesthe APP

  • How do the frequencies work?
  • What are binaural beats?
  • What beats are available?
  • How do I know that I have installed the Pranan APP?
  • What evidence exists of the efficacy of these beats?
How do the frequencies work?

They play binaural and monoaural synchronisation modulations, generating stimuli through the auditory channel and converting the acoustic pressure waves into potential neuronal actions through mechanical transduction.

What are binaural beats?

The binaural sound is emitted when two different frequencies are applied to each ear. The brain perceives a single sound, a frequency that is the difference between the two.

What beats are available?

Right now, the app has three; RELAX 8R5 which facilitates and induces a state of relaxation and rest, VITALIZER which heightens and harmonises Vital energy and REGENERATOR which eliminates cellular noise and its regeneration.

How do I know that I have installed the Pranan APP?

It will be identified by the letter “P” in white on a blue background. It is easy to find with the word “pranan” in the Play Store search engine.

*Preview of the APP icon

What evidence exists of the efficacy of these beats?

The evidence of a clinical trial directed by doctors from Clínica Digestalia in Barcelona, which marks a milestone by demonstrating that listening to Pranan binaural beats produces very significant changes in blood samples analysed taken from the patients who participates in this trial.

  • What beat was used in the clinical trial?
  • What do I need to install the APP?
  • How does the APP work?
  • How should I apply the beats?
What beat was used in the clinical trial?

REGENERATOR. It is programmed to eliminate “cellular noise”.

What do I need to install the APP?

When you install the APP, a simple form will appear where you should enter a username, the country code for the phone (e.g. +34), your phone number and an email address.

* Preview of the APP form

How does the APP work?

Once it has been installed you can access all the beats. The active beats are displayed on the home page and the premium ones in the library. To access them you must subscribe and you can deactivate it easily in one click.

* Preview of the APP home page

How should I apply the beats?

It is advisable to listen to them with headphones and at medium/low volume for about three minutes as often as you consider necessary. You can do this with your eyes close, or viewing the images that appear on the APP. To activate the desired beat just click the selected button.

Here are some of the APP images

* APP form

* APP cover page

* APP cover page

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