Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) – Prevention and Protection

Also known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, it is a condition in which people suffer adverse health symptoms caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) generated by various sources, such as mobile phones, computers, WiFi routers, power lines, and other electronic devices.


The symptoms and severity of electrosensitivity vary among individuals. While some experience mild discomfort, others may find these symptoms debilitating and significantly interfering with their daily quality of life. These symptoms include: fatigue, headaches, stress, sleep disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, heart palpitations, ringing in the ears, dizziness, pressure in the eyes, insomnia, vertigo, nausea, burning sensations on the skin, among others. Some researchers study electrosensitivity alongside multiple chemical sensitivity, with which it shares common underlying mechanisms and has a high comorbidity rate.

Who is affected?

Electrosensitivity can affect anyone. It is estimated that approximately 3% to 5% of the European population experiences EHS symptoms. EHS symptoms. Certain groups, such as those with chronic or immunological health conditions and individuals who work or have been in environments with high EMF exposure, seem to be more vulnerable.


The causes are still under debate. Some researchers believe that electrosensitivity is due to the nocebo effect. Others, however, deny this possibility, demonstrating that electrosensitive individuals can detect EMFs. A study conducted by Magda Havas showed that exposure to certain types of EMFs can influence heart rhythms and blood pressure.

Currently, the most common sources of electromagnetic pollution are mobile phone antennas, mobile and cordless phones, smart meters, and Wi-Fi routers installed inside homes.

The European Union, through Directive 2013/35/EU of the European Parliament, references the risk of exposure to electromagnetic fields for workers’ health and safety, as it can cause dizziness, nausea, and alterations in the brain, muscles, and cognition.

It is essential to rest protected from EMFs

Pranan offers a range of devices designed to protect against electromagnetic radiation, including 5G and 6G.

Why should we protect ourselves?

Because the effects of electromagnetic radiation are cumulative. Continuous and prolonged exposure can lead to biological damage. This cumulative process can be compared to exposure to environmental toxins, where the accumulation of small, repeated doses can eventually result in significant harm. Thus, the effects may manifest in the medium to long term.

Various studies have suggested that prolonged exposure to EMFs can have adverse biological effects, such as oxidative stress (increased free radicals in the body), cellular dysfunction (including apoptosis or programmed cell death), and DNA damage.

Preventive and Protective Measures

1.- Use Electronic Devices Responsibly: Minimize their use in rest areas, such as the bedroom. This includes turning off mobile phones when not in use and keeping them away from the body.

2.- Reduce Exposure and Create EMF-Free Spaces Whenever possible, spend time in the countryside and enjoy nature.

3.- Grounding and Electrical Discharge. Walking barefoot on natural surfaces such as soil, grass, or sand can help discharge the electrical buildup in the body.

4.- Strengthen the Immune System: Maintain a healthy diet, with adequate supplementation of vitamins B and D, and probiotics to improve immune response. Quality sleep is also crucial for the body’s energy regeneration, facilitating melatonin secretion.

5.- Identify Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Reducing or eliminating exposure to these agents (perfumes, cosmetics, processed foods, etc.) can significantly improve well-being.

6.- Exercise Regularly: Engage in suitable physical activities to maintain a healthy and resilient body against possible EMF effects, improving the cardiovascular system and reducing stress (lowering cortisol levels and promoting the release of endorphins).

7.- Eliminate Heavy Metals: Reducing or removing heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, etc.) can alleviate EHS symptoms. These metals are known for their toxicity and ability to accumulate in the body, negatively affecting various biological systems.

8.- Use Electromagnetic Protection Devices We recommend our Pranan devices, which are the only ones currently verified for effectiveness against electromagnetic radiation by internationally accredited research centers (Complutense University, Biomedical Research Center CTS-101 of the University of Granada). Pranan technology has been shown to have beneficial effects both biochemically, reducing cellular oxidation and inflammation levels (measured in eleven markers), and bioelectrically, reducing brainwave alteration by approximately 80%.

Effective treatment for electrosensitivity (EHS) requires a multidisciplinary approach that combines protection from electromagnetic fields (EMFs), adopting healthy lifestyle habits, and proper nutrition. This involves using electronic devices responsibly, creating EMF-free spaces, walking barefoot on natural surfaces, and strengthening the immune system with a healthy diet, supplements, and quality sleep.

Additionally, regular exercise and the use of electromagnetic protection devices, such as Pranan devices, can improve the quality of life for those suffering from EHS.

Pranan Technologies offers a personalized support service for electrosensitive individuals.


Many people reach out to Pranan to express their gratitude, stating that our devices have literally changed their lives. For us, one of the greatest satisfactions is hearing these testimonials, as they give meaning to all the years we have dedicated to research in collaboration with Technological Centers and Universities.
However, we want to be prudent and explain what a person can expect when acquiring Pranan devices. Their goal is not only to have the guarantee of protection from EMFs but also to improve their quality of life, which in many cases is significantly deteriorated and conditioned by the EHS they suffer from.

The issue is somewhat complex because EHS is affected by multiple factors, and not all bodies respond uniformly. In fact, some people are extremely sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, while others seem unaffected. Therefore, we offer a personalized advisory service where each case is analyzed, expectations regarding Pranan devices are explained, and follow-up is provided.

It is common for electrosensitive individuals who contact us, usually by recommendation, to be well aware of their condition and often the lack of understanding from a society that does not recognize EHS. These individuals are often in a state of discouragement because they see no prospect of improvement.

They have tried all kinds of remedies with varying degrees of success but still have not achieved a satisfactory quality of life. This is important because, as we have pointed out, electromagnetic radiation is cumulative. Our technology has proven effective in reducing parameters of cellular oxidation, inflammation, and cellular noise, allowing cells to function correctly.

However, this does not guarantee that all symptoms derived from EHS will disappear in every case. However, this does not guarantee that all symptoms derived from EHS will disappear in every case.

As previously mentioned, electromagnetic radiation accumulates in the body over time, eventually manifesting as symptoms such as headaches, ringing in the ears, exhaustion, and muscle pain. This is a process we need to reverse; it is not easy, but significant progress can be made. Therefore, in addition to protecting yourself with our devices, we recommend complementary measures as mentioned earlier.

We have observed that individuals with a very high degree of EHS sometimes need an adaptation period to use Pranan devices. They should use the devices gradually; otherwise, they may experience symptoms similar to EMF exposure. This indicates that the technology is working, but too quickly for their bodies, causing a sort of “withdrawal crisis.” This is because the device is correcting the imbalance caused by EMFs in the body, both bioelectrically and biochemically, by eliminating “cellular noise,” and it needs to do so gradually.

This process usually lasts from three to five days, until the person has “adjusted” to the device. There is no standard rule for this process. The individual regulates this adaptation themselves. This adjustment is immediate in people who are not EHS; in fact, most EHS individuals experience a very pleasant sensation from the first moment, noticing how the symptoms that impaired their quality of life disappear.

At Pranan Technologies, we deeply care about this issue, so we are dedicated to continuous research to improve the quality of life for people affected by EMFs, a problem that is increasing exponentially. Thanks to our latest innovation, the result of years of research, we have incorporated nanodiamond circuits into our technology, significantly enhancing the protection performance against EMFs and the response of electrosensitive individuals to these electromagnetic fields.

Pranan devices reduce levels of cellular oxidation and inflammation in the body, as demonstrated in biochemical trials.

For more information on EHS and the body’s response to EMFs, we recommend listening to this insightful interview with Dr. Roger Billica, a physician, researcher, and former medical director of NASA’s program on the International Space Station. As early as the 1990s, astronauts faced the issue of radiation in space.

You can rely on Pranan Technologies for prevention and protection that will help improve your quality of life.

Key Points to Remember:

The effectiveness of Pranan technology has been verified with clinical trials in internationally approved research centers and universities.

Pranan devices are compliant with European Directives 1999/5/EC and 2001/95/EC, meeting all health and safety requirements. Certified by Tüv Rheinland.

The clinical trials certifying the effectiveness of Pranan technology have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

They are the only devices that feature the CE self-marking. Verified by an official certifier.

Pranan technology is patented under the title “Protector of Electromagnetic Radiation.

Pranan devices incorporate an innovative authenticity verification system, Nefertitys – Near Field Authentication System.

Pranan devices are manufactured under the ISO 9000:2015 quality standards.

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