Would you like to become an approved dealer?

Approved dealers

If you want to become an approved wholesalers or retailer of Pranan devices, you should know that our technology is the only one in the market whose effectiveness has been proved by internationally approved research centres (Complutense University of Madrid and University of Granada). Currently Pranan Technologies cooperates in the research of radiation protection with universities and research centres specialized in nanotechnology.

Requirements for wholesalers and retailers

  • Share the company's values.
  • Have a distribution network or access to one (for importing wholesalers).
  • Have experience in distribution of welfare related or technological products.

Kinds of dealers


  • They are direct distributors from manufacturer (Pranan Technologies).
  • They operate in a unique country, like Spain or United Kingdom.
  • They have large range prices which allow them to operate through a network of point of sales.
  • They can operate in exclusivity, in a national market, specified distribution channels or for a specific area of activity. To get exclusive distribution rights, there is an annual minimum purchase.
  • Minimum purchase of 200 devices per order.

If you meet the requirements and are interested in distributing Pranan devices as WHOLESALER, you can contact us through marketing@pranan.com. Once we have all the information about your company, we will give you more detailed information.


  • They are businesses (farmacies, drugstores, technological stores…) which sale directly to customers.
  • They purchase the devices from wholesale dealers.
  • In those markets where there is not an approved dealer, Pranan may delegate the provision of devices to another country dealer.
  • They have large range prices with big margins on the public prices.
  • Minimum purchase of 12 devices per order.

If you are interested in distributing Pranan devices as a RETAILER, you can contact us through retailer@pranan.com detailing your kind of business, address and contact, and we will asign you an approved dealer.